Every mile with a smile

Every mile with a smile


Welcome to Uralco

Lease your next vehicle with Uralco and rediscover the fun in driving. Just start the engine and stop worrying about things like inspections, maintenance, repairs, road tax and other unforeseen costs.

Uralco stands out for its highly personal service. With our passionate team, we manage a fleet of around 500 lease vehicles. Our success is driven by our innovative spirit, our customer focus and the quality of our services.

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Personal or Business Lease

Do you want to enjoy the advantages of having your own car, without the drawbacks? Why not take a look at our various lease options. Read more >


Lease Turn-Ins

Buying a Uralco lease turn-in is becoming an increasingly popular option. More and more consumers see the advantages of buying turn-ins at Uralco. 
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The Advantages of Leasing

Leasing a vehicle has multiple advantages. Read more Read more >

Vehicles for every Lease purpose
If you have any questions, call us on 462 7960 or send an email to info@uralco.com