Our Departments


Customer Service & Fleet Management:

At your visit, you will be welcomed by Brizaida, who works in our Customer Service & Fleet Management Department and who, together with her colleague Ludmar, oversees the daily operations. They are also the ones responsible for making sure that our existing customers' service appointments run smoothly. Brizaida and Elder are guided and supported by Nidjeska, who is also in charge of everything related to our vehicle fleet. 


Account Management

Our account managers Christian, Veronica and Nadira work in the Account Management Department. They are our new customers’ first point of contact. 

Of course, they are always there to support our existing customers too with any questions, suggestions or concerns. 

In the background, they are supported by our account controller Mistica who ensures that customer and vehicle information, contracts and invoices are flawlessly processed and documented.


Financial Department

This is where Jacqueline and Sharmilla handle all financial entries and transactions. With our hundreds of cars, customers and suppliers, they have their hands full properly booking all income and expenses. They also maintain relationships with our customers and suppliers. The Financial Department is supported by our messenger Robert and our Account Controller Mistica.



Our daily management is handled by our General Manager Arjan and our Commercial Manager/Senior Account Manager Ramfis. Together, they manage the team and provide support where needed. They would love to get your feedback on what Uralco and the Uralco team are doing well, as well as any areas where there is room for improvement. Of course, they are always available to chat in person by appointment. 


 Meet the team on the our staff page.