Our Staff

You have already met our team members on the Our Departments page. 

This page offers you a closer look, as well as contact information.

Customer Service & Fleet Management:

When contacting us, you are greeted by our service desk staff: Brizaida Polonius and Elder Isenia, of the Customer Service & Fleet Management Department. Working in this department, we have:

Nidjeska Hooi-Fox, Fleet Manager
Brizaida Polonius, Customer Service
Ludmar Casimir, Fleet Management

This department takes care of everything related to your car, down to the last detail. They take care of your service appointments, handle your road tax, schedule inspections, do damage settlements and much more.


Account Management

Our Sales and Account Management department consists of 4 dynamic employees who can answer all your questions, advise you in the broadest sense, make calculations and, if you have questions about vehicle types and models, they can provide you with the information you need. They keep in close contact with the dealers, as well as with all our customers and drivers. Working in the Sales Department we have:

Ramfis Gonzalez, Relationship Management & Acquisitie
Christian Kuster, Key Account Management & Acquisitie
Veronica Karsdorp, Account Management & Acquisitie
Nadira Felipa, Account Management & Acquisitie (online)
Mistica Virginie, Support & Contract Management


Accounting Department:

Our Accounting Department coordinates all our accounting affairs. If you have any questions regarding your payments, please contact one of the following staff members:

Jacqueline Martina-Rijker, Accounts Receivable
Sharmilla Zimmerman – Martis, Accounts Payable
Mistica Virginie, Support & Billing